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Work in ZhongNan



Zhongnan Group is always a huge magnetic field that attracts outstanding talents. Remarkable brand and excellent talents will generate productive forces beyond imagination.


Zhongnan Group always welcomes talents as amazing as us and embraces talents more splendid than us.


 As long as you are a talent, Zhongnan Group will enable you to show your true abilities. As long as you have dreams, Zhongnan will be the stage for you to realize them. As long as you have passion, Zhongnan will make you keep being passionate. As long as you are outstanding enough, you will get full recognition! Let’s seize the historical opportunity to prove our abilities and pursue success and ideals. In the waves of competition, let’s forge ahead, develop, improve and outdo ourselves in order to realize our dreams and create a splendid era in the history of China and the world. We pursue dreams and do great things with great minds. We believe that the world and our undertakings are as broad as our minds can be. The ideal Zhongnan Group in our minds will light up the land with hope and will create glories with life!

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